New trend of POLO shirt

With the advent of midsummer, POLO shirts have become the best matching costumes for more and more office workers. In 2013, Internet fast fashion brand Vic launched “Baise youth POLO” shirt, which has made a breakthrough in color, version and style. In hundreds of colors, do you know which color the people everywhere love? The sales of POLO shirts released today showed that pink POLO shirts were the most popular consumers this year, followed by navy blue and lake blue. Users in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are most fond of pink. Wuhan users prefer lake blue, while Chengdu users prefer blue. At the same time, the British POLO shirt is popular in this year’s fashion stage, and sales volume is two times the American style.

The color of men’s dress and their relationship in the workplace is actually a lot of learning. Looking at the following analysis, you will know that pink becomes a man’s favorite. A man’s shirt color analysis commissioned by Cotton USA finds that people wearing pink shirts usually go to work than other colors. Shirt colleagues earn more than 1000 pounds a year and higher education; purple shirts men ‘s “office love” is the most, not only good peach, but also the greatest opportunity to be appreciated, promoted and promoted by the boss. Men in white shirts are the most punctual, and men with green tunes with shirts are most late for work. In contrast, the color of POLO shirts is quite similar to that of shirts.

In the spring and summer each year, naval winds and college winds are essential fashion items. In the style of POLO shirt, this year, every guest has also introduced the style of British style and rough, natural American style POLO shirt. Like the difference between American dramas and British dramas, the difference between different cultural backgrounds has also been fully reflected in POLO shirts. According to the overall sales data, the number of consumers who prefer British style in 2013 is more than two times that of American style sales. Judging from the amount of purchase, Beijing is the first and the most inclusive of both American style and British style. Compared with other cities, Shanghai users in small capital are more likely to love beautiful POLO shirts; the Guangzhou users love the British style more, but they are also in line with the characteristics of the British style.

The fashion essence of polo shirt

With the advent of the world cup, fans have been boiling up. Not only for the tight ball games, but also for the support stars, there will be plenty of exposure opportunities. C is a fashion man in the football world. There is a good body and a fine face that the ordinary people can’t match.

POLO shirts have always enjoyed a high share of Western men’s wardrobes. Because it is neither too casual like a collars without a shirt, nor is it as serious as a shirt, so it is very suitable for commercial entertainment occasions. Although the style of the POLO shirt has not changed much since its birth, the bright, bright color, sweaty and breathable texture, with the casual style, makes it enduring in the fashion world.

Some people say that the wearing of the POLO collar is very bad. The most famous symbol of the POLO shirt is the captain of Manchester United in 90s. Manchester United + kendeast + kendeast + kicking technology + flying technology makes kendendna a global icon, so his unique vertical collar is a popular fashion, and the stars like it after all.

Intelligent monitoring Polo shirt is about to come out

A few days ago, the high-end brand Ralph Lauren and the Canadian start-ups OMsignal jointly launched a high-end intelligent monitoring Polo shirt, which will be formally displayed at the US Golf Open.

With regard to the idea of co operating the Polo shirt, OMsignal believes that the current wearable devices do not provide enough convenience to users. So they turn the clothes they wear into fitness tracking equipment.

It is reported that this Polo shirt can transmit motion fitness signals to intelligent applications, and monitor movement and health status through intelligent applications.

A stylish polo shirt is suitable for all occasions

If you want to know what is necessary for a man’s wardrobe, just go around the men’s clothing department at the big store, and you can be sure that the polo shirt must be the same.

Whether 1881, Zegna and other high-end brands, or GXG, Mark Ed Faye, such a popular brand, every season has to launch several classic polo shirt. Work, leisure or dating make men look special.

Throughout this summer, men’s clothing is brightly colored and very responsive to summer’s energy. Fashion elements are more informal, such as classic stripes, solid colors, camouflage and so on. According to the sales staff of the Slade brand, men are paying more attention to the comfort, details, style and other aspects of clothes, so the men’s wear brand also pays more and more attention to the light business and leisure style.

The classic casual polo shirt is set for leisure, comfort and business, so it will become the eternal theme of men’s wear.

Six kinds of collocation for men’s fashion POLO shirts

This wine red POLO shirt, first of all in color to let your heart intoxicated first, the unique neckline and sleeve splicing of the design gives a strong visual impact, with black trousers simple and stylish, brown handbag and bright face casual shoes add a sense of gentry.

The pure gray POLO sweater is simple and fresh, giving a warm and clean feeling, with seven minutes of beige pants and brown casual shoes. Soft color matching makes people’s hearts melt, no matter where they go, it is a pleasing scenery line.

The golden pattern on this white POLO is decorated with elegance, luxury, and black black boots with black boots with a strong Street rock style. The two contrasting styles are refreshing.

Simple POLO shirt collocation, in the blue and white red three color stripes in the interpretation of the unique fashion charm, with brown and stable shorts to show strong leg lines, show the charm of summer men.

Ralph Lauren, the father of the Polo shirt, will close its 50 stores

Ralph Lauren, known for its male Polo T-shirt, is experiencing a painful business restructuring period due to poor sales and poor management. On June 7th, the brand announced that it would implement the new CEO restructuring plan, closing 50 stores and reducing 1000 people.

Ralph Lauren, built in 1968, has always been the representative brand of the typical American dream. Its products, from clothing to furniture, from perfume to containers, depict the details of the American upper class. In the most spectacular decades, everyone is proud to be able to buy Ralph Lauren clothing, as well as the necessary Polo shirt of the male customer’s home, and the familiar Polo logo, which is more widely known. But in recent years, business has gone from bad to worse. The founder, Ralph Lauren, said in an interview that the company needed to make changes.

So in last 11 years, Ralph Lauren ushered in a new CEO Stefan Larsson. The fast fashion brands, H&M and GAP, have fought countless professionals to help H&M entity stores expand from 12 countries to 33 countries, with sales growth of $14 billion. In 2012, it became the president of GAP’s Old Navy brand. By strengthening the input of brand fast fashion fashion fashion, the term of Old Navy made profit growth in three years, and the sales volume increased by more than $1 billion.

How to spot real and fake ralph lauren polo

Many people may not know the origin of the POLO shirt, and the popularity of the POLO shirt is probably due to Ralph Lauren, who has improved the Polo clothes, coupled with the popular design of the spanning time, and made the POLO shirt a popular dress. POLO shirt is Ralph Lauren’s original brand, namely POLO RALPH LAUREN. The POLO shirt we usually say is just this one, and unless it shows other brand names, the doubt is imitation.

Ralph Lauren’s POLO shirt not only has POLO shirts, men and women, POLO shirts, children, and even BABY to Ralph Lauren POLO sweater, especially, because its style is simple and easy to imitate. Many high imitation products appeared on Taobao, which are even more expensive than genuine ones. So how do you identify a real POLO shirt?

The POLO fabric is thin with 220 grams of net cotton and 260 grams of net cotton. The use of fabrics is very particular. And the general fake is 160 grams or 180 grams of the bead net cotton, basically did not pass the process of washing this process, so the feeling of the fabric is completely different from the true version of the wash, a very obvious feeling is wet, soft with hard, very affixing, from 0 degrees angle to see the surface fiber is coarse and less, do good A bit of imitation goods may also have water washing to this process, but its washing quality has obvious chromatic aberration. Finally, I would like to introduce another feature of POLO, which is its collar. The genuine washcloth POLO collar has no obvious indentation, and it can easily erect the collar, so you can go to the counter to verify it.

Tips on selecting correct polo shirts

Check the stitches, hands and clips to see if the two lines in T-shirt pocket are consistent and whether there is wrinkle on the upper sleeve.

Generally, POLO shirts that are durable are natural materials. In general, when you buy a POLO shirt, you can find the right version, which is to find your own brand. So buy a POLO shirt must try it on. It must be well fitted and very comfortable to wear. It is a good POLO shirt if it moves freely. Try to see if the shoulder is fit, from the side, the collar, the collar, the collar, the collar, and the inside of the inside have a “cat claw” car.

Then lift your arms up, put them down, and bend your elbow to see if there is a feeling of wrinkle and tightness. Totem clothing reminds you that it is best to do a stretch in trial. Check whether the length of the upper body and the size of the chest fit together, and see if the back, the front shoulder and the sleeves have unnatural wrinkles.

2018 summer POLO shirt series

As soon as the summer arrived, the POLO shirt became one of the most popular topics around men, and there had never been a few words around the collar and printing, so the basic money was the most safe and safe choice. But how do you keep some of the different styles while choosing the basics? The POLO shirt series, which was introduced by LILANZ in the summer of 2017, may be a good choice.

In the design of the basic style, skimming the complex ornamentation, and using strong lines, dark lines and offset printing to improve the level of clothing, highlight the delicate sense, can be very collocality, whether it is business style trousers leather shoes, or leisure style pants sports shoes, can achieve good results.

At the same time, the fine adjustment of POLO shirt series on collar shape also provides more choices for men of different stature and clothing preferences. The small collar can effectively modify the neck line, and also avoids the worry of whether or not to erect the collar. For a simple and clean style of men, black and white is the most refreshing choice, but the need to pay attention to the shoulder line position and clothing waist, try to avoid the choice of overly loose style, so as to avoid the body after the body seems to have no spirit.

The Polo shirt is also stylish for girls

Do not think that POLO shirt is just a man’s patent, and girls can still wear a beautiful scenery. Do not look at a little sports POLO shirt, it is no longer conservative, especially the women’s version has joined a lot of popular elements to become a new single, but very popular with the love of fashion.

So the question is, how can the POLO shirt match more fashionable and beautiful?

In fact, POLO shirt is very easy to wear, like our usual TEE, super game, but also more special than TEE. Summer is the best, with the cool and nice half skirt.

The parachute skirt with the wind fluttering is very comfortable and natural; a one-step skirt with a stature can show the charm more; a small open fork skirt can reduce the monotonous sense of the dress; the parachute skirt with the long, long parachute skirt is full of Lady fan.